Monday, June 22, 2009

Big day in due process

Ricky Norment from the Family Policy Compliance Office (FPCO) of the US Dept of Ed called me bright and early this morning and had me write a FERPA letter to CVUSD for the records, which I did with a copy to CVUSD's lawyer Jack Clarke, and to the Ofiice of Administrative Hearings (OAH). He is sending me some stuff to start their investigation, which I should get in a couple of days. Having gotten some good advice, I also put in my final argument for my subpoena.

Disability Rights Legal Center wanted all these docs, although they're not going to represent me in my case in general. But I wasn't asking for that, because they have people with nothing that need the help more than I do. I only want them to pursue the matter of OAH letting the districts hide records contrary to the law, based on fallacious reasoning. That particular issue is of general interest, the kind of issue that DRLC is interested in. A lawyer I know is also having a problem with the ALJ ruling contrary to the law regarding records in one of her cases right now.

Now that FPCO is involved, we may be able to get this straightened out, and if OAH begins to consistently follow the law in this matter, it will be a lot better for a lot of kids. And who knows, if CVUSD has to cough up the records, we may be able to work this out in friendly fashion, which they have not wanted to do these past two years and change.


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