Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The importance of small mercies

I e-filed my federal tax return, and then found a piece of paper that meant that I would have to file a paper 1040-X to fix it. So I spoke to the Lord about it, asking with no real expectation that the IRS would find some reason to bounce it - which would solve my problem. I went back to my email, and the IRS had already just bounced it for a different booboo that gave me another $1300.

We have a friend lately released from the jug who is determined to get himself organized and doesn't feel right about being on everyone else's dole. So when he ran out of money and had nothing to eat this morning, my friend and I prayed about it and discussed it, and we determined that we should fast until he got some food, just to keep the problem on our minds. At one of the state offices he was at today, a woman asked him if he was hungry and laid upon him some eggs and tacos and other things. So we all got to eat.

Neither of these things, if they hadn't been taken care of, would have terribly disrupted our lives. More severe blows are allowed to fall on us all the time. But God's apparent interest in these small difficulties is not small for us, and so doing such small things for others ought to be a big part of how we live.


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