Friday, August 28, 2009

Signature gathering

We're starting to get our act together. I did manage to get out in the evening for a bit, and I collected 5 signatures, 2 before I got away from my driveway, and 2 circulators. There are lots of disgusted people out there. We've got some work to do over the weekend, and then we absolutely have to appear and work hard at the board meeting on Thursday the 3rd. It shouldn't be hard to get 1500 signatures before September 18th, but it won't do to be complacent.

If you're a registered voter in the Chino Valley Unified School District, and you don't think we can afford any more of what we've seen these past several years, we would like to hear from you!

For new readers: the board appointed one like themselves for the new spot, unknown to the public in the hope that it would be harder to petition him away, but unlearned in the issues and already proving to be malleable in the hands of the current members. He spent years as a school administrator, lots of the time a special ed boss - which is to say, having lots of experience representing the district against parents and their kids, as so many of us have felt on our own hides.

That's not speculation. In his interview, when asked what he would do when a parent came to him as a board member with a concern for his child, he would advise them to take it up with the principal and the district administration - be warmed, be filled, and begone.

He meant what he said. When I emailed him asking to meet to talk about my kid, he wrote back that email conversation would be unproductive, that I could keep him informed, but that he might "choose not to respond," wishing me success "in your parenting journey."

So when the board appointed Mr Dickie on August 20, pursuant to Education Code 5091, the voters got 30 days to petition to cancel the board's appointment and hold an election to replace him. We need one and a half (1.5) percent of the voters, 1165. Of course we want rather more, say 1500, to be safe.

Here is Ed Code 5091, if you're interested:


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