Saturday, October 10, 2009

We have a deal with the school district

We settled before the hearing. We can't talk about it in detail, but Stephen gets what we asked in DP, although nothing else really. For us it is indeed a crappy deal, but I'm not complaining because we've lost nothing essential for ourselves, and it is clearly from God in order to teach me wisdom, which is beyond price even when I don't believe it. I think Stephen is reasonably safe now, and the district left a rather large hole in the agreement which we can exploit if they menace him further. It looks like we ought to be able to get a decent placement for him in December that will ultimately get him going, and if not, we're off to DP again.

He's doing a lot better in some ways, working out in the weight room and swimming, and therapy is really working. It's very important to him, which is most encouraging. I'm doing better too, getting to re-examine my life in the light of Scripture.

I've been very sick the last couple of days - nice little fever last night. Hard to tell what it is - no runny nose or cough, so it certainly isn't flu or anything like that, and no real belly rumpus, so it's not salmonella. Just fever and hurt all over. Such times have often been good for me. I woke up this morning realizing that I've been frustrated by lack of cleverness, when in fact God sets aside the cleverness of the clever, as I've experienced all my life. I've wanted cleverness instead of wisdom, and I haven't realized that so clearly before now. It is certainly true that wisdom is better than weapons of war, and that real victory is to believe God where we haven't before, but that is not obvious without revelation, and I'm seeing that you can't get hold of it until it doesn't matter whether others do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi peter, im using the computer at the library...I am just to pissed at the expense of the internet to pay for it. i hoping to find a neighbor who will swap internet time for something i can give 30$ a month plus 25$ installation fee..i know i waste money plenty of ways but i just cant bring myself to give them my 55$ yet.
I just want to voice my frustration with the way we have to get "real victory is to believe GOD where we hadnt before" I do and dont believe GOD everyday for the same realities. example, i believe GOD for this minute about HIS love and then for the next four i dont..I fear i am that one being tossed, double minded..But, as i searched for a way to communicate what i BELIEVING just now. I had this physical description..its like i believe GOD when I inhale..and then I exhale and for those few moments i am exhaling i am still okay. the unbeilef/anxiety starts in me when i start thinking, when that first breath has given me the next few minutes to do relaxed breathing and thinking. my thoughts are sad and they overwhelm the oxyen exchange so i begin to dispair a the note you wrote about your keys being lost and GOD not caring about you to help you find them, (guess thats my first answer). Thats why i thought i was like an addict to my relationship with GOD and not to GOD. its like i cant breath long enough to get to that place where i can believe GOD every othere breath.
just felt like chatting with you for a bit. wanted youto know i read your blog sometimes too. JB

10/14/2009 11:34 AM  

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